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We thought: get the bird, which proceeded to leave droppings behind. Trump was amenable enough, but not at all happy. But ultimately, it was that something in his eyes. His eyes.

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Gilt, gold, pride… He loved the cover! It was his first for the New York Times Magazine.

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I told him I had never seen a million dollars. Donald proceeded to walk right in and pick up exactly a million dollars to hold for the photograph which caused quite a stir as it was totally against the rules of the casino. When some of the money started to fall off his lap, I found it was the most interesting photograph of the day. I had shown Mr. What I like about this image, which is now an iconic shot, is the attitude, the elegance, the confidence. Of course, I did not know him at all at that time, but the personality came thru and today he is running for President.

This image says a lot. This subtle moment with him in a limousine says it all. Trump at Trump Tower in Manhattan. It was a cathedral of gaudy, post-modern excess. I asked him to look straight into the camera, trying to get his head as symmetrical as possible. I thought about this moment many times since the picture, and for me, it says something fascinating about the character of this extraordinary, disrupting figure. Why did the author use that word instead of this one? How can I improve this or that system where I work? Could something be done more efficiently?

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Is that person biased? What do they have to gain be saying a, b, or c? Am I biased? Where am I getting my sources? This line of questioning could go on for a while; suffice it to say, the key to thinking in a more detail-oriented way is to start questioning why things are the way they are. Think Steve Jobs. To become a great micro-manager, you simply have to care about what you are doing.

2. They remember incredibly random details that nobody else does.

Personally, I find it much easier to write a paper about a topic I love, like U. Colonial History, over something like Medieval Russian History. I worked with a professor who made a database tracking the voyages of several thousand slave ships. In that database, he collected a smorgasbord of information, such as the type of ship, how many slaves were in each, which ports they departed from and arrived at, the person who sold them once they disembarked in the Caribbean, etc.

The key here is that it took lots of detail-oriented labor to get to that end result. This sort of combines a bunch of the points I made earlier. Detail-oriented people pull in lots of data, usually in regard to something that interests them, and pick it apart bit by bit like a wolf with a turkey leg.

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As mentioned earlier, the culmination of this process could be a book, a start-up, a new piece of technology, anything really. To become that person, all you need is a bit of dedication, which should be easy if you find something you are passionate about, like Steve Jobs with his computers or my professor with his research. I think you get the idea though. Detail-orientated people are all about…the details!

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Is this a positive? Featured photo credit: Hunters Race via unsplash. Work Advertising. Nicholas Garcia Read full profile. Share Pin it Tweet Share Email. Once this test is completed, we are sending in our first production order! It will take about 60 days to get them in our possession so just in time for back to school :.

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After that, we have an internal shake-down and then it will be ready for Beta. We want to make sure this product delivers on what we have promised and the updated notebook plus the improvements to the app will help us fulfill them. Facebook Twitter.

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Filter by tag: app manifesto notebook podcast preview product review video. Sep 27, Posted by: Sean Jackson. I tried different types of notebooks but they never met what I wanted. Today is the culmination of that product development journey. But it is not an end point, just another and important step in a longer process.