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Creating Promotions and Coupon Codes in Magento

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How to create coupon code in Magento | StuntCoders

Active 6 years, 8 months ago. Viewed 1k times. We don't mind doing this via code or through Admin. Any tips would be great. This shows admin the problems customers are having with each coupon code.

What is the Cart Price Rule?

This report gives insight into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and helps admin catch errors they may have made when setting up promotions. They no longer have to leave customers guessing.

How to Create Magento Coupons?

Our clients got better conversion rates for their coupon promotions in Magento. This extension also saved time spent talking with customers about coupon errors. After you're done with the settings in the three sections that we described above make sure you save them by clicking on the Save or on the Save and Continue Edit button. There are a couple of other sections with optional settings that you don't need to edit.

Configure Magento Connector Coupons

These are the sections Labels and Manage Coupon Codes. If you want to specify a name for your discount as you want it to be seen on the frontend by customers, click on the Labels button on the left:.

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On the page that opens there's a field in which you can type the label as it will appear in all store views if there's no label specified for the particular store view. If you want the label to be different per store view, then you can type it in the corresponding field that's provided for the store view. If there's no label specified, the discount will be labeled on the cart page on the frontend as just Discount. If there's a label specified, it will be displayed in brackets after Discount.

This section will be accessible once you save the shopping cart price rule. You can use the settings in this section if you set the Coupon option in the Rule Information section to Specific Coupon and you mark the checkbox for Use Auto Generation. As we discussed in the Rule Information section of this tutorial, when you create a price rule as a specific coupon you can either set the code manually or use the automatic generator.

In case you want to generate codes automatically you have to do it using the settings in the Manage Coupon Codes section:. You can generate many coupon codes at the same time; specify the quantity in the field for Coupon Qty. You can set the length of the codes in the field for Code Length , and from the Code Format drop-down menu you can select whether the codes should include letters and numbers, only letters, or only numbers. By default, no dashes are put between the characters in the code.

If you want a certain number of characters in the code to be separated with a dash, put that number in the field for Dash Every X Characters. For example, if you put 2, the code characters will be put into groups of two and there will be a dash between each group e. Note that dashes are not put in the prefix and the suffix if any , between the prefix and the first character of the code and the last character and the suffix e.

After you configure the settings click on the Generate button to create the coupons. They will be listed in the table under the options. You can delete coupons by marking their checkbox in the table and using the Actions button in the upper right corner of the table. Although the letters in the generated codes are capitalized, coupon codes are case insensitive so it doesn't matter whether the customer uses upper or lower case letters. After you're done with the coupon codes don't forge to click on the Save or on the Save and Continue Edit button.

How to Configure Coupon Codes in Magento

Each time you add a new rule the options for code length, format, prefix, suffix and dashes will be set to their default values. Toggle navigation Host Knox. Clients Contact Order. Remember Me. Magento Shopping Cart Price Rules and Promotions Tutorial How to set up and manage shopping cart price rules in Magento In Magento you can set up different promotions and discounts that apply only to the products in the customer's shopping cart.

Clicking on each one will display different settings on the right: These sections include: Rule Information Conditions Actions Labels The necessary settings that you have to configure are in the sections Rule Information , Conditions and Actions. Shopping Cart Price Rule Information When you add or edit a shopping cart price rule the settings in the Rule Information section are displayed by default: Let's go over the settings: Rule Name - type some name for the price rule. It's for internal use.

You can manage the labels for the price rule as you want them to appear on the frontend from the Labels section. Description - this is an optional field. You can use it to type some information that's related to the price rule e. This description is not shown on the frontend. Status - from this option you can select whether the price rule should be active or not.

Mark the website s on which you want the shopping cart price rule to apply. Customer Groups - from this list you can select the customer group or groups for which you want the price rule to be valid. The price rule will apply to all customer who belong to the selected customer groups.

Coupon - by default, this option is set to No Coupon which means that no coupon code is required and the price rule will apply to any customer belonging to one of the selected groups in the Customer Groups option. If you select Specific Coupon , a couple of new options will be added just underneath this one: This first option is labeled Coupon Code and, as the name suggests, it's for specifying a coupon code.

There's a special block that's intended for that purpose: The customer only has to type the code in the field that's provided and click on the Apply Coupon button. Now let's go back to the Rule Information settings of shopping cart price rules: Uses per Customer - you can use this option to specify how many times the particular promotion can be used by a customer.

If you leave the field blank or you put 0, there will be no limit.